Pricing & Fees

Pricing & Fees

Setup Cost

LYOMERCHANT offers free setup as an early partnership benefit.

Transaction Fees

1% fee on transaction amount value + Network fee
It is the merchant's decision whether the 1% fee is set to be paid by the merchant or by the customer.
The network fee is on the customer that pays since it is needed to process the transaction through the blockchain.
LYOMERCHANT gets only the 1% on the transaction value, that is, the amount processed through LYOMERCHANT. Network fees (also known as gas fees) are applied from the blockchain the payer has selected: these fees are needed for the blockchain works that allow transaction verification and processing. These fees are incurred through the payment app the user is performing the crypto transfer from, not through LYOMERCHANT. The network fees differ for every transaction. They depend on the blockchain used for the transaction and the volume of transactions that the blockchain is processing from all universal applications running on it at that moment.
Network Fees, and any other fees - if applicable - apart from the transaction fee, would be charged by the payment application from which the payer is performing the crypto transfer. This is out of the scope and control of LYOMERCHANT.